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This album has been in the works for several years. I was very pleased with my first album and wanted to expand on the idea and use less “pre-packaged” sound loops. Though I did not totally abandon the use of these loops I began to create some new sounds of my own using my trusty Roland TR-505 drum machine and my infinitely amazing Sequential Circuits Six Trak Synthesizer. I also discovered the wonderful virtual world of music and employed many virtual emulators to craft new sounds and rhythms including the virtual Roland TB-303 and Drumatix 606. The highlight of the emulators for me was the Virtual Mini Moog which is a nearly flawless digital replication of the original instrument. The possibilities in the world of computers and virtual software are endless and I fully plan to dive into this fast running river with full force of exploration for albums to follow. This album echoes much of my childhood including staring at the stars at night and getting lost and troubled by the vast infinite nature of the universe. In those days I loved to play video games such as Tron, Wizard of Wor, Gauntlet, and Space Invaders. There was so much magic unfolding in the the new digital world as my childhood progressed. This album is dedicated to these timeless memories and to my beautiful children. May they always carry a twinkle in their eyes. Enjoy!

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